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Where is Medical Massage of Mississippi located?

4347 Lakeland Dr. Flowood, MS 39232

Located behind the Sleep Inn hotel which is just past Mugshots Bar and Grill at the corner of Airport Road.

What is Medical Massage?

My definition of Medical Massage is using all manual modalities to retrain those muscles that have set up strain patterns and muscle imbalances that are causing pain and or discomfort on a daily basis.

What are Manual Modalities?

Manual Modalities are therapeutic massage techniques I use such as, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Positional Release Techniques, reflexology, and effleurage.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

It is a form of Massage Therapy in which direct pressure is applied to specified points on tender muscle tissue to bring about reduction in muscle tension and pain relief.

What is Myofascial Release?

My definition is gently pinning the muscle at its insertion site and then gently stretching the muscle out.

What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

Neuromuscular therapy is a specialized form of deep tissue massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the muscle. These areas of strain are called trigger points.

What are Positional Release Techniques?

Positional Release Therapy is a very specialized technique focusing on treating protective muscle spasm in the body. After a successful treatment, the patient will experience decreased pain, muscle spasm, fascial tension, joint stiffness and swelling.

What is Reflexology?

A system of massage used to relieve tension by applying pressure to reflex points on the hands and feet.

What is Effleurage?

A form of massage involving a circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand.

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